Ready To Tour FAQ

Will I be able to make changes to the itinerary if I'm not interested in a few of the attractions that are listed in the itinerary?

Unfortunately the short answer is no. Itineraries on the Ready To Tour website have been designed based on years of experience and customer feedback for the best overall experience. We feel that by allowing minor changes, this will inadvertently affect the overall holiday experience.

We are however aware that there will be customers whose needs fall out of the store's automated capabilities. For such cases, we will have to refer you to one of our Travel Consultants to fully customise a trip for you. Do note that in general, fully customised cases are more expensive than what is available on the Ready To Tour website.

I am looking to travel in 2 weeks' time, why is the date not available?

Itineraries on our Ready To Tour website are only available a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the travel date.

If you would like to book an itinerary departing in less than 3 weeks' time, do email us at or call us at 6634 6141.

Are there any service fees if I purchase my air tickets through Ready To Tour?

Yes we do charge a fee of $50/pax for Economy Class bookings, and $100/pax for Business Class bookings.

Will I be able to know the room category that I am staying in?

Room categories are based on the standard room types of the hotel.

Can I request for non-smoking rooms, high-floor rooms, pool-facing rooms, etc?

Requests can be made at the time of booking, which will be subject to hotel availability.

Can I choose a hotel that is out of Ready To Tour's hotel list, or exclude some of the existing hotels?

The list of hotels on the Ready To Tour website has been specifically selected to provide the best match to the experience of every Ready To Tour website itinerary and to offer the best value to clients. Hence, choosing hotels outside of the list is not possible.

Is it possible to request for a specific car model?

Car suppliers generally are not able to guarantee specific car models. Based on the category that is included in the price, e.g., Compact, Mid Size, Full Size, the car rental company will provide you with a vehicle within the same class according to what's available at that point in time.

What if I am very keen in a specific tour package from the Ready To Tour website but the dates that I would like to travel on are blocked out?

Blackout dates apply due to the schedule of certain excursions, or availability during super peak seasons.

You can give us a call regarding this issue and provide us with your preferred travel dates. We will then get back to you as soon as possible regarding availability. Do take note that additional surcharges may apply.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of persons that can travel on each of your itineraries?

It depends on the specific itinerary. For some, there is a 2 traveller minimum, while the majority of itineraries are able to cater for single travellers. In terms of maximum numbers, the Ready To Tour website caters up to an absolute limit of 6 persons (adult or children) with some itineraries having smaller limits due to vehicle space constraints.

So what happens if I have more than 6 travellers?

We would then refer your request to our parent company, Quotient TravelPlanner to customise and design an itinerary suitable for your group size.

I'm interested in one of your self-drive holidays, but I'm not confident in driving overseas. Can I hire a driver instead?

For such requests, we will refer your request to our parent company, Quotient TravelPlanner to prepare a quote for you. Do take note however that the price can be significantly higher due to the cost of hiring a driver and paying for his accommodation.

I'm currently interested in the places that your EU-08 itinerary covers (Milan, Florence and Rome), but I noticed that it is an independent travel holiday with no guide. Can I hire a private tour guide and vehicle instead?

Our Independent Travel itineraries are specially designed for you to experience the local life on your own. While this style of travel may not be suitable for all, travelling on your own gives you the ultimate flexibility to discover new places, often off the beaten track. As such, these itineraries have been planned with rail travel and public transportation in mind. It is therefore not possible to simply add a guide and vehicle to the itinerary. This would affect the overall integrity of the itinerary.

If you require a private tour that cannot be found on the Ready To Tour website, do consider customising your holiday with our parent company, Quotient TravelPlanner. You can enquire more by filling up an online form here:

My son is currently 11 months' old, does he have to pay?

Persons under the age of two are considered infants and do not have to pay. Quotient's definition for children are those aged from 2 – 11 years' old. Do indicate however if there are any infants travelling with you so that we are able to make any necessary special arrangements for your child.

Would I be able to cancel/postpone my trip if the country I'm travelling to is facing issues that may put me and my family in danger (e.g. riots, Ebola, etc)?

Please refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, once you have confirmed your trip. This is so that in the event of a serious situation, you might be able to claim from your insurer for any potential losses. However, the final decision on whether a claim can be made is based on the seriousness of the situation and the discretion of the insurer. On our part, Ready To Tour will support you with any required documentation to make your claim.

It is possible that in the event of a major calamity, such as a virus outbreak or a natural disaster, that the land operator or airline might make exceptions for refunds or provisions for postponements. This will have to be done in writing and is subject to the final decision of every individual operator. We cannot guarantee the outcome, but will do our best to assist.

How often would I be updated once I've purchased a package from the Ready To Tour website?

Your trip is considered confirmed* upon submission of booking. We will contact you again once your Travel Pack is ready, to arrange for delivery. This will be no later than one week prior to departure.

*Take note that confirmation is subject to all payments being paid on schedule. See Payment Methods and Security for more details.

Should you wish to check on the status of your booking, please contact us with your booking reference number. Our Customer Service staff will gladly assist.

Will there be any special assistance if I am travelling with a disabled/wheelchair bound member?

Do indicate at the time of booking if any special assistance is required. We will endeavour to relay these requirements to the relevant parties (e.g., hotels, transfers, tours, etc). However, we do not take responsibility for the actual delivery of these services.

If you do require a high level of attention during your holiday, we strongly recommend that you make use of our fully customised service instead, so that we can design an itinerary that best suits your specific needs.