Accommodation & Mode Of Transportation

Will I be able to know the room category that I am staying in?

Exact room category will be determined at time of confirmed booking. We understand the importance of a good night’s stay and prioritise key details such as adequate minimum room size, air-conditioning/heating and non-smoking rooms. In addition, our team of specialists handpick specific room categories in every property to enhance and complement the overall holiday experience.

What will be the rooming arrangements if I am travelling with my family?

Our rooming configuration is generally twin-sharing for two persons and triple-sharing for three persons, regardless of adult or child. For infants, we will request a crib. If you are travelling with a big family, we will request for adjoining or interconnecting rooms and this will be subject to availability at the hotel’s discretion.

Single rooms can be arranged upon request with the required supplement advised at the time of booking.

Can I request for specific bedding configurations?

Please let us know if you have specific requirements such as only king or twin beds and we will arrange for them, whenever available.

I am a member of one of the hotels that is in the itinerary I looking to book, will I be able to accrue points for my stay?

To offer our clients the best holiday value, your accommodation may be booked through specially contracted rates which may or may not be eligible for points. Any membership benefits and points accrual will be at the discretion of the hotel.

I am a member of one of the hotels that is in the itinerary I looking to book, can I use my existing points to redeem for my stay in that hotel?

Redemption of hotel membership points is not possible for Ready to Tour itineraries.

Can I request for high-floor rooms, pool-facing rooms and etc?

All room requests will be relayed to the hotel at the time of booking, and will be subject to availability at the hotel’s discretion.

Can I choose a hotel that is out of Ready to Tour's hotel list, or exclude some of the existing hotels?

It will not be possible to choose a hotel out of our accommodation selection as the list of hotels is specifically tailored to enhance and complement the overall holiday experience of the itinerary while offering the best value to our clients.

Is it possible to request for a specific hotel list under your accommodation selection?

Please let us know if there is a specific hotel in our accommodation that you prefer and we will prioritise on arranging it for you. However, kindly note that such requests cannot be guaranteed due to availability at time of booking.

Can I upgrade the hotels/vehicle type in your itineraries?

Our itineraries are designed to provide our clients with a wholesome and affordable holiday experience. An upgraded set of accommodation or vehicle selection are available for certain itineraries for clients who would like to amp up their experience. If you are keen on an upgrade, please get in touch with us on weekdays between 9.30am to 6.30pm or email us and we will be glad to assist accordingly.

Can I downgrade the rail pass/rail ticket/hotels/vehicle type in your itineraries?

For your comfort, the type of rail pass/rail ticket/hotels/vehicle type offered in our itineraries are carefully selected to fit and complement the travel experience designed hence, it is not possible to downgrade it.

Is it possible to request for a specific car model?

The vehicle model indicated in our itineraries is an example of the possible vehicle, in the vehicle category that is recommended based on your group size and itinerary requirements. If you have a preference for a specific vehicle model, please let us know and we will help to relay your request to the rental company.

Please be advised that vehicle rental companies usually do not guarantee specific vehicles models and assignment of specific vehicle type would be based on availability at time of collection and at the discretion of vehicle rental companies.

I am interested in one of your self-drive holidays however, I am not confident of driving overseas. Can I hire a driver instead?

Most definitely. We will refer your request to our parent company, Quotient TravelPlanner to prepare a quote for you. Kindly note that the price can be significantly higher than our self-drive itineraries due to the cost of hiring a professional chauffeur and paying for his lodging and meals.

I am currently interested in the places that your EU-08 itinerary covers (Milan, Florence and Rome), but I noticed that it is an independent travel holiday with no guide. Can I hire a private tour guide and vehicle instead?

Our Independent Travel itineraries are specially designed for you to experience the local life on your own. While this style of travel may not be suitable for all, travelling on your own gives you the ultimate flexibility to discover new places, often off the beaten track. As such, these itineraries have been planned with rail travel and public transportation in mind. It is therefore not possible to simply add a guide and vehicle to the itinerary. This would affect the overall integrity of the itinerary.

If you require any holiday arrangements that cannot be found on the Ready to Tour website, do consider customising your holiday with our parent company, Quotient TravelPlanner. You can enquire more by filling up an online form here: and our Travel Consultants will get in touch to explore the possible holiday experiences they can design for you.

What is the type of vehicle are you arranging for my transfers and tours?

For your comfort, all vehicles will be air-conditioned and vehicle types will be arranged according to your group size: